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Accredited Land Broker means YOU are provided with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of LAND. Details such as: prescriptive easement, zoning regulations, water availability, adverse possession, well permits, County Master Plan, mineral rights, taxation, and water rights are considered in regard to land transactions. Future growth and development in the area can, and will, affect the future value of YOUR property. It is best for YOU to be prepared and informed.

Residential Property… of course! We handle all property types and we rely on a large support network of industry experts to handle those unusual circumstances. Most importantly, we realize we work for YOU and follow your specific directions while adding our experience and network. Generally we work to obtain a high value at low risk as we focus on YOUR needs.

Financial Planning – Most Clients are looking at real estate as a significant part of their financial plan. Selecting properties that complement and accelerate financial planning is recommended. Determining how your real estate decisions affect taxation, leverage, appreciation, depreciation, and cash flow is important. Looking for hidden advantages in the value-add strategy is another method to accelerate YOUR financial gains.

Sound Complex? It may now… but it won’t shortly. It takes a little extra time to discuss ALL the aspects of real estate ownership. We would be pleased to be your guide and servant. Our goal is earn YOUR trust and respect.

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Accredited Land Broker – I created and teach "Fundamentals of Land 101"; an accredited course approved by Colorado State Division of Real Estate Agency. This course is intended to assist residential brokers gain an introductory level understanding of all aspects the complexities of land transactions.

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